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    Innovative thinking and deep cultivation
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    Joining the heart and creating
    a century-old enterprise


Lanfeng Group Company is located in Zhucheng, Shandong Province, bordering Qingdao in the east and Rizhao in the south. It has an internationally advanced production system for weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidering and finished products processing. It mainly produces three major categories of knitted garments, home textiles and wool textiles. The leading products of knitted garments have a total of 16 series, more than 600 varieties of colors, with an annual output of 26 million pieces; the annual output of towels, bath towels and beach towels is equivalent to 2000 tons of cotton yarn; the annual output of woolen products is 3 million meters. The products sell well in more than 10 countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, Europe and Australia.




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